Schnitzel (Germany/Austria)

Schnitzel can be made with different meat – veal, pork, chicken or turkey. (Probably more exotic meats too)

I’m ashamed to admit that this German had never cooked Schnitzel before – but today was the day. I had planned to buy chicken breasts, but then I was tempted by pork chops … thereby turning Hühnerschnitzel into Schweineschnitzel.

Here is the recipe I followed.
Making Schnitzel was easy enough. Tenderising the meat by bashing it flat to a thickness of 5mm was fun and very therapeutic. I don’t have a tenderiser, so I used a rolling pin. Keeping the meat between sheets of waxed paper is important, as the meat gets quite sticky.

Breading the meat was no problem: egg mix – flour – egg mix – bread crumbs.

I used plenty of oil for frying. Because the meat is so thin, it only takes a few minutes to cook. Don’t let the oil get too hot, so the breadcrumbs don’t burn.
I decided to serve my Schnitzel with fried potatoes and asparagus from our allotment.

Guten Appetit!img_20170505_174832827.jpg


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