Karelian pasties – Finland

These are little open pasties that are sold everywhere in Finland, supermarkets and cafes a like. But they are always best when baked at home.


200ml water

1 ½ tsp salt

400ml fine rye flour

100ml plain flour

(1 tbsp vegetable oil)



300ml pudding rice / or I sometimes use Arborio rice too

1500ml full fat milk

2 ½ tsp salt


1 egg


Butter (melted) & milk



I often prepare the filling the night before so it has cooled down to use in the morning.

Bring the milk to boil, add rice and boil about 15 minutes. It will still be a little bit runny when turning the hob off but it will settle, once cooled down a bit add the salt.

To make the pasty mix plain flour, rye flour, water and salt together – if it feels very dry little bit of oil can be added although I never do. Transfer the dough to well-floured surface and roll it into a long sausage shape. With a knife cut approximately 25 slices. Roll each one into a ball. With a rolling pin roll each one into a thin round shape, approximately 12 centimeters wide. It’s useful to cover other dough balls with cling film or a dish so they don’t dry too much.

Once you are ready to assemble the pasties and the filling has cooled down mix one egg into the filling.

To assemble to pasties put filling in the middle of each round shaped wrap, leave space on the sides. Then lift the sides to make an oval shape open pasty – with your fingers pinch the pasty to encase the filling.


Melt butter and mix little bit of milk in.

Bake in 300℃ (or any high temperature if your oven does not reach this) for 8 to 10 minutes until golden brown. Once Karelian pasties are baked they are hard, when you remove them from the baking sheet brush them with the melted butter / milk mixture and pile together in a dish with a lid. Leave for 15 minutes to soften the pasties.

They can be served on their own, or with any topping you like.




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