Steamed artichokes with lemon butter sauce (Southern Europe)

This recipe has been claimed by French and Italian friends, so I am going to be flexible in its origin.
Globe artichokes are typically grown in warmer Mediterranean climes, but they also grow quite well on our British allotment.
Here’s today’s harvest:


For a light lunch, I followed this recipe. Very easy, just steam for half and hour or so (until the bottom petals pull away easily.
I didn’t bother cutting the top third off, as the recipe suggests.

Eating artichokes is very much a hands-on affair. It’s slow, slightly messy and very sociable!

Bon appetit or buon appetito!


Country Pork Chops, French style

img_20170616_185727.jpgI had pork chops and wanted to make something slightly different, and this recipe certainly hit the spot. It’s quick and easy to make too!

Just fry the pork chops on both sides until nearly cooked through, then set aside to make the sauce.


For the sauce just add the ingredients and reduce the sauce until thickened. Then return the chops and cook for a further few minutes.


The combination of red wine vinegar, brown sugar, prunes and olives gave it a lovely and rich sweet-and-sour flavour. I’m sure we will have this again.
I opted to serve it with new potatoes and home-grown broccoli.

Give it a try!